She Grnds

After spending half of my adult life as an engineer, trading rungs on the corporate ladder for my mental health, I yearned for something more meaningful. A life filled with passion instead of pencil pushing.

I did what any burnt out employee does and begged my boss for time off. I headed as far away from America as I could….Southeast Asia.

It was on this life-changing trip where I met people who were living their dreams all because they worked for themselves.

Instantly it became crystal clear. I was going to do the same.

I dropped out of the rat race, filled up a 40L backpack, and took a trip around the world where I pursued entrepreneurship full time.

Fast forward one year and 28 countries later and I've learned a lot a thing or two about entrepreneurship and the importance of serving your ideal customer.

Now its time to spill the tea….

The SheGRNDs podcast is for female entrepreneurs who want to create a deeper, authentic connection with their audience.

We dive into all the strategies and techniques real boss ladies are using to grow a loyal tribe of raving fans while changing lives at the same time.

Tune in for all the juicy details of running a successful business and get your roadmap for finally understanding your customers intimately so you can serve them at the highest level possible.

On this show we ask our expert guests the questions no one dares to ask, getting you the answers you really want to know.

Get ready for your unfiltered dose of entrepreneurship from the bosses who are doing it best.

Let’s Grnd!